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09 November 2023

Universal Conference on Digital Engineering 

Get ready for an online conference full of captivating discussions with industry leaders, mind-blowing demos, and an interactive Python coding workshop that will unlock a wealth of knowledge for engineers, digitization experts, and Python enthusiasts worldwide.

Group 1218

Get ready for UCODE 2024

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Who is it for?

Group 1240

For users of engineering digital solutions and those looking for the latest solutions to achieve their business goals

Digital Leaders & IT managers
Practicing Engineers
Developers & Product Owners
Python Professionals, Researchers & Enthusiasts
Students of Engineering, Computer Science & Similar

Why attend?

UCODE is a unique opportunity to: 

Interact with industry leaders from international engineering firms
Learn about the latest developments and features of digital engineering software providers
Engage with enthusiasts from all over the world
Gain hands-on knowledge with an interactive Python coding workshop (limited sign-ups, more information coming soon)

4 cutting-edge themes

Python in Engineering

Explore the benefits of Python in engineering: optimizing workflows, automating tasks, and utilizing libraries. Discover why and how to leverage software development skills in today's digitized landscape. 

Citizen Development

Discover the power of Low Code and No Code for engineering. Explore its impact, through success stories and learn how to implement an effective Citizen Development approach from experienced Digital Leaders.   

BIM & Digital Twins

Step into the world of Building Information Management and Digital Twins and gain exclusive insights into how this methodology is revolutionizing the AEC sector through real-life cases. 

AI & Data Science

Unveil the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science innovations on the engineering industry. Explore the latest breakthroughs and grasp their profound effects on the ways of working of today and tomorrow.

The sponsors

These are the companies making UCODE possible!


Dlubal Software gives you a solid foundation for your planning. Founded in 1987, Dlubal Software develops user-friendly and powerful programs for your structural and dynamic analysis and design.
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IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa is the global industry-leading solution enabling the safe structural design of steel connections, concrete details, and critical members.


The speakers

These were the speakers for UCODE 2023. More information on UCODE 2024 will follow.

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Empowering people, Transforming Engineering: From Citizen Development to High-Value Technical Delivery

How citizen development fuels innovation within organizations, unleasing employees' creativity for more efficient processes, innovative products and better services.

Marina Villanueva Diaz
Global Technology Leader at Jacobs


Integrating Topologic with VIKTOR, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Openstudio and Energyplus for Scalable, Cloud-Based Open-Source Energy Analysis Workflows

Learn how to convert Python apps to cloud-based, how Topological information is useful for architectural and engineering anlaysis of various styles & how to connect VIKTOR workers to 3rd-party software that runs outside the platform.

Wassim Jabi
Professor & Chair of Computational Methods in
Architecture at Cardiff University / Pryfisgol Caerdydd

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Pragmatic Programming  for Engineers

All engineers encounter boring repetitive tasks – Timo will show, from an engineer’s perspective, how they can be automated. Are you an engineer, who doesn’t necessarily wants to be a programmer but simply a better engineer – make sure to join this session!

Timo Harboe Zollner
Computational Design Specialist and
Founder of Timo Harboe Aps

Timo Harboe

Augmenting Structural Analysis with Programming and AI

Learn about the most up-to-date API technology integrated into Dlubal products and how it can revolutionize the automation of structural analysis and design workflows. Explore what is the future of construction and engineering process with the potential of AI and ML.

Doğukan Karataş
Leader of Dlubal Software's
Product Engineering team


Start with the Foundations: Digitization in a Construction Company

Discover how to break communication barriers between engineers and IT for successful digitization, the role of the data-logic-visuals framework in streamlining digital projects and the importance of incremental progress over large-scale changes for sustainable digitization.

Bas Vos
General Manager of Hydronamic department at Boskalis


BIM link workflows with IDEA StatiCa

Learn more about how BIM Links allows you to export and synchronize data between your BIM models or global FEA models and IDEA StatiCa, and what solutions IDEA StatiCa offers for designing and code checking of structures. 

Kris Riemens
Structural Engineer at IDEA StatiCa


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The Easiest Path to Learning Python in the AEC Industry

Explore Effortless Learning and dive into what is most probably the world's easiest process of learning programming, explicitly made for the AEC industry. Discover the biggest pitfalls encountered while learning Python programming and how to avoid them! 

Krzysztof Wojslaw
Founder of ProgramminginAEC.com

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Implementing AI within EPC Business Sector

Gain insights into practical AI and Data Science applications within the engineering domain and stay updated on the latest advancements and status of AI integration in the energy business sector.  

Rimma Dzhusupova
Artificial Intelligence Initiative Lead

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robert otani

CORE studio:  Accelerating Ideas to Applications 

Uncover the strategies used by CORE studio's internal R&D program and the engineering team's creative process and explore the methodology behind CORE studio's application development process, from incremental process improvement to blue sky initiatives for both short term and long-term ROI.  

Robert K. Otani
Chief Technology Officer at Thornton-Tomasetti

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Generative Design at VINCI Construction

Digitalize your engineering processes and exchange ideas on generative design!

Alexandre Cousin
Head of Generative Design - Founder of Synaps'Up at VINCI

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Digital Engineering at BAM – How to foster Citizen Development?

Learn about BAM’s journey with citizen development through an open sharing of lessons, and find out more about the role of Viktor as a distribution platform for engineering departments.

Dirk van der Ploeg
Manager Civil Engineering department at BAM Infra Netherlands

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People, Process, Technology – Automating Design at Costain

Discover how to automate workflows from concept to detailed design, from pipeline routing to reinforced concrete slabs. Get insights on how to use digital tools to facilitate more robust decision making in projects. 


   Joseph Kearney 
    Automated Design Lead at Costain Group PLC 

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The Next Frontier in BIM - Redefining BIM through AI

Delve into cutting-edge trends in digital engineering, exploring the fusion of BIM with AI and its disruptive impact on the construction sector.  

    Brendan Hasty
      Structural Systems Lead at Zuru Tech

zuru tech

The future of Digital Engineering and how VIKTOR plays a role in it

Discover the trends in digital engineering and how can VIKTOR anticipate the future in the industry.

Marcel Slootweg
Software Engineer - Application Development at VIKTOR 

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UCODE 2024

Thank you for atteding UCODE 2023. UCODE will return for a live edition in Rotterdam in 2024. Do you want to receive updates? Express your interest.

Missed UCODE?

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The guest speakers

DAY 1. Thursday, November 09

Casper Mudde

Junior Discipline Engineer

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DAY 1. Thursday, November 09 (1)

Doğukan Karataş

Product Engineer